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"Illuminating and invaluable."  High Court Appointment

"I was succesful and I just wanted to write and thank you for what I thought was a tremendously skilled and focussed training package that was comparatively easy to implement in a practical and meaningful way."

2012-2013 Silk Appointment


"After a year of 7 interviews and no offers your coaching helped me obtain 3 offers this year. I simply cannot thank you enough"

 2013 Training Contract Applicant


 “After two attempts without success, I was despairing. Your help made all the difference.”
 Circuit Appointment

“Discussion of my application form and help with the interview process was highly beneficial."
Recorder Appointment


















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Silk Application Advice By Experienced Lawyers


Completing your silk application form is extremely demanding and time consuming. As experienced lawyers who have advised hundreds of succesful applicants, we take the pain out of the QCA's silk application process and will advise you on

1. Selection of your 12 cases using our 3 step process and table.

2. Tactical selection of your 24 Assessors.

3. Selecting the best examples.

4. Demonstrating excellence in Diversity and the other competencies.

5. Drafting techniques for maximum impact.

6. How the QCA exercise their discretion in those cases not falling squarely within the terms of the guidance.

 90% of those silk applicants we assisted in the 2012-13 competition were appointed.

  "Your assistance at both stages of the process was challenging, at times brutal but extremely effective and invaluable." 2013-14  Silk Appointment

Many thanks for your assistance. I could not have done it without your support, particularly with the section on diversity”  2011- 2012 Silk Appointment
Effective Silk Interview Coaching

Our 1:1 silk interview coaching uses proven techniques, including a video recorded  mock interview, that will

1.    Ensure your perform at your best at your interview, including remedying any confidence issues.

2.    Prepare you for the QCA questions. Having successfully advised applicants in numerous silk competitions, we have an in depth understanding of the type of questions you can expect to face and will advise you on how best to deal with them.
3.   Address non verbal communication issues. As any good advocate knows, it is not simply a question of what you say, but how you say it that matters.

As barristers with combined experience of more than 50 years and interview coaches, we understand precisely what is required.

Call 020 7549 3606 for a no commitment discussion with one of the partners or email

Appointments until 9pm weekdays and weekends on request.
We always go the extra mile for our clients because your world is our world.
"Your advice on form completion and interview was extremely helpful"
2009-2010 Silk Appointment